Pavlos Chaikalis: “Greece and China: We get closer day by day”

Pavlos Chaikalis: “Greece and China: We get closer day by day”

Mr. Chaikalis, Mr. President, we thank you for the interview and for your time too. Let’s start immediately:

What’s the level now of the Sino-Greek relations?

I think that the Sino-Greek relations start to find “fertile ground” for full growth, in commercial, political and, I am more than sure in cultural field. What Chinese believe is a big truth: “If the world be destroyed two nations will survive: Chinese and Greeks”. That’s because they have civilizations which keep them deep in History.

How these relations could be further developed? What is the critical factor of the evolution of the relations?

Chinese are a gentle, calm, with high perspicacity and with a big cultural background nation. What they ask for is respect and honesty in the relations. This is exactly the needed factor in an exchange. In this we shall focus. Greece has the ability to benefit and be benefited. The quality of our products, our love for China and the exchanges of cultural material can lead the two countries higher and higher.

As President of Greece – China Friendship Gate how do you see the recent contacts of the two countries?

I think that the relations of the two countries are in the best level of the last years. I like the interest of China for investing in our country and I believe that China can invest in more fields and places. Greece can be the big Gate of East and West. I also believe that China is the big eastern power which rises. It’s a common interest to walk together.

As an artist what do you wish Greece shall offer to China – from its cultural deposit?

It’s by great interest the exchange of positions and views about Theater and Arts. I would like very much to see how they see our Ancient Literature. Which are the points where our cultures can be united.  Above all I’d like to see how these two great nations can light up the new era that comes, based on morality and vision.

Which are the elements of the Chinese Civilization that impress you?

The Chinese culture is one of the more ancient ones of the world. What makes it most adorable is that it succeeded to survive through the years without casualties in the huge legacy it carries and without change its identity.

Do you watch Chinese cinema? Which movies do you like most?

The truth is that in Greece we don’t see Chinese movies often. That’s why our “Gate” organizes so many Weeks of Chinese Cinema – and the movies have Greek subtitles first time ever. From the other hand everybody knows the famous Zhang Yimou and his filming contribution to Art. For me “Flowers of War” is an excellent sample of Art. I believe that the Chinese Cinema will create history in the next years.

Would you like any of your movies or series to be published in China?

I really don’t believe that Greece has produced movies of international level. It’s sure that I would like the Chinese audience to watch “A touch of spice” (politiki kouzina) and “Island” (Nissos). Unfortunately the Greek market is stuck in local topics. But, in the field of ethography a big exchange could be.

Do you intend to learn Chinese? What’s your opinion about the language? (smile)

I would really want it even if the time is so short. Many people believe that the Chinese language is difficult. But the most difficult language worldwide considered the Greek language.

Which are your plans, concerning Greece and China, for the future? Which is your priority? How do you want to see the two countries together in the future?

Personally, through Greece – China Friendship Gate, I’d like to promote harmonic and honest friendship relations. Many cultural exchanges can be done and many information can be exchanged in the political, the cultural and technological fields. Also our country is rich in first quality products, much more qualitative than European ones. The exchange of thoughts and spirit can create an upgrade in quality in all the levels. Into the future I would like China to believe that it can lean on a sister country and both of us can build Tomorrow. Their quality of soul is the ticket for an earthly Heaven where everybody can be in.

What about your personal plans? Do you like to tell us?

At this moment things are not certain in the artistic field. In the political field, I undertook the Cultural Secretariat of the party and this heavy task needs time, patience and persistence. With the help of God we will succeed.

Mr. President thank you for the interview and we wish you success to your work. 




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