Has US imperatum met its counterweight?

Has US imperatum met its counterweight?

Stefanos PeppasMilitary & International Affairs Researcher, 20-8-2016


Just last week, Russia arranged strategy meetings with Turkey and Iran on Syria matter. Russia has a larger military footprint in Syria than the United States does, but the U.S. footprint is larger in the Middle East, in general. 

While Russia operates bases stationed in Syria and is now setting up a similar presence (temporary basis??) in Iran, the United States have permanent military bases in places such as Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and the 5th Fleet headquarters in Bahrain. The United States also has numerous smaller shared bases and forward operating positions supporting active theaters in nearly every other country in the Middle East except Iran. For the first time since 1979, Iran has permitted another country to use its territory for military operations. Both Russia and Iran confirmed that Iran had given Russia access to its military facilities, after the military operation of Russian Tu-22M3 Backfire bombers at the Iranian Hamadan airfield southwest of Tehran. Russia has not had a military footprint in Iran since 1946.

As President of Syria Al Assad says, “contracts will be awarded to those who backed Damascus in the five-year conflict that cost the country over $200bn. Of course we expect that this process will be based on three main countries that supported Syria during this crisis - Russia, China and Iran”.

Russia, Iran and China create a formation of global stability, in politically and geostrategically view. Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, was the first international leader to visit Iran after the trade restrictions were removed and sealed his visit with 17 agreements for cooperation in areas including energy, trade, and industry. The two countries also agreed to increase bilateral trade more than 10-fold to $600 billion in the next decade.

In addition, Xi Jinping signed a joint statement with President Hassan Rouhani in support of Iran's application for full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), advocated by both Russia and China!

These last developments will ensure that isis will continue to get weakened and lose ground and battles in Syria. A Geopolitical chess-board, which hides many surprises for Western Strategies. NATO coalition has proven weak to perform in Syria. The formation of China-Russia-Iran seems more eager and decisive to end the war in wounded Syria. US imperatum, has met its counterweight.  


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