Editorial, 27th July 2016

It's been a long time since I wrote for the last time. It was about time. We've started eight years ago, some good ones, some bad. But we go on, we don't stop, we try harder and harder. For achieving what we mean "the union of the two nations". Connecting the people of the two nations. I have succeded this. In my family. My wife is Chinese, my step daughter too. I am minority in my own country. But I like it. And I learn. I listen. I understand. And I want to know more.

We have so many things in common.

The respect to the family. The devotion. The Love. Tolerance. Strong belief to the hard work, no working-hours, the belief to the realization of the dream. The civilization which is hidden into the cells of the body is metabolized into every day life. 

Yes, I adore China.

Because it offered me two rare miracles. My wife. My daughter. China continues to offer me more. And I enjoy them. I am learning. How to touch them, to feel them, to connect them, to make them part of me. China opens its hands and offers me this unique, colorful and silk hug. And this is exactly what we want to offer you: This silk road of approaching Greece and China.

This kind of connection of the two nations is what we want in Greece - China Friendship Gate.

By respect. Honesty. Hard work. Right on time. Good will and understanding.

This is the way of approaching the proud nation of Chinese. They are the same in this point with us: They have civilization and history and future. And they are creating their future with hard work. And pride. And dreams.

Let's share our dreams. Some are common, some are waiting to be common, some are in the East and we are in the West. Wrong. Hellas, Xila, was never in the West. Hellas was always the Gate, the Bridge, the Crown of the connection between East and West. That's why we created this glorious civilization. 

I am Hellin. Greek. Xilaren. And I am carrying and sharing this unique treasure into my cells: Hellas, Xila, Greece, which is hidden into the caves of our souls and dreams.

This is Greece I want to share. This is China I want to get one with. All things we're both proud of.

This is what Greece-China Friendship Gate hopes. And works on.

See you next month. And be safe until then. We're waiting for you so long time. It was about time. Welcome.


Costas Christidis



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