Chinese student’s amateur special effect clip creates online buzz

Chinese student’s amateur special effect clip creates online buzz

China’s domestic animation industry has left much to desire in recent years, with theater-ready movies bombing. However, every once in a while, an amateur production dominates Chinese social media platforms, and Xiao Wen’s four-minute flick is the latest to bring netizens to the edge of their seats.

The 19-year-old student from Sichuan University of Media and Communication riveted netizens by his special effect clip featuring a fictitious battle scene between himself and another fellow classmate.

While the graphics are no avant-garde technology, the efforts invested in executing the idea and the design of the after effects are not only noticeable, but also commendable.

So far, the video has gained over 430,000 views on Weibo.

Wen is a sophomore student majoring in Cinema and Television Digital Media Arts, according to the local newspaper Huaxi Metropolis. Boredom induced after his classmates went on a holiday led him to form a four-member movie production team.

The ambitious student proved to be a jack of all trades. He was the producer, director, screenwriter, colorist, special effects engineer, construction coordinator, action designer, and sound engineer for his short film. He also appeared as one of the two main characters.

Although it took 12 hours to shoot the film, the team spent nearly one month in editing, as 3 minutes and a half (out of 4 minutes) are done using special effects.

Being a comic and movie fan, Wen’s dream is to land a job in Hollywood. He wants to be an independent producer and bring Chinese productions to the international stage.