China-made WZ-19 Attack Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight

China-made WZ-19 Attack Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight
May 18, 2017

China's homemade WZ-19 attack helicopter successfully completed its maiden flight in northeast China's city of Harbin on Thursday morning. 
It slightly and slowly swung its body to send greetings to spectators after it took off at around 09:30. 
It performed hovering at two meters above the ground, a great challenge to a helicopter. 
Then it gradually ascended to the height of around 50 to 100 meters. 
The maiden flight lasted for some 10 minutes. 
After the maiden flight, the WZ-19 will conduct more test flights for further scientific research, according to the researcher. 
It marks China's first domestically developed military chopper for export. 
The WZ-19 is a light-duty military helicopter with two engines. It can carry eight missiles and conduct air-to-surface strikes against tanks, armored vehicles and fortifications.

Source: CCTV+