Young Israeli entrepreneur finds his future in China

2017-10-21 12:58

by Xinhua writers Ma Qian, Deng Xianlai

BEIJING, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- Raz Gal Or had traded in his usual jeans and T-shirt for something more arresting. He wore a flowing robe in deep blue while on his head was perched a tall white hat.

Instead of the fourth-year Peking University (PKU) undergraduate student that he was, he looked like someone from the pages of ancient Chinese history. And that was exactly what the 23-year-old Israeli student was aiming at. He was made up to look like Wang Yun, a bureaucrat in the Eastern Han dynasty (25--220), who was also known for his involvement in a coup against a tyrant.

While it was a spoof, it was also very serious on one level. It was the first in the series of vox-pop videos made by Gal Or's startup. The episode by Foreigner Research Institute, or YChina, the shorter name by which Gal Or is now promoting his organization, got more than 10,000 thumb-ups after being posted on China's social media Weibo on September 14.

YChina aims to connect more and more foreigners with Chinese culture and enable more and more Chinese to understand "the young generation of foreigners in China," Gal Or told Xinhua.


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