A few words about us

The idea came in the summer of 2008, at the period of Beijing Olympics.

To create an absolutely new organization, a new association, an organization that can offer serious, reliable, effective and long-term services to its members from both countries. Something totally new in Greece.

Summer of 2008. In Dion Palace Hotel, in Leptokarya, Macedonia, the realization of the idea starts. A gathering of distinguished persons declare its powerful wish to realize the plan. To realize also the big target: The Project “Year of China in Greece”, which is sent as a proposal to His Excellency the President of the Hellenic Democracy.

A few months later we succeeded. We followed any legal procedure and …we are here, finally!

We are ready to offer to our members whatever they can’t find: The language, the place of discussion, the common interests, the solutions, the know-how, the presence in every step they do in Greece or P.R. of China. A team of experts, people who really know, dedicated exactly to this target are here for our members.΄

 All our members are entrepreneurs, women and men. They are also companies and institutions, senators, writers, teachers, municipalities, journalists, Mass Media organizations, real estate experts, lawyers, financial experts, specialists in Health, in Immigration and many more.

If you wish to decide to do something about the two countries, we are here for this purpose. To offer you the best specialists, who will solve any problem, they will support you and they will guide you to the realization of your decision. We don’t stop there. We continue our relation for any period you’d like to have us by your side.

This was our primary target.

This is our primary target.

Welcome to Greece – China Friendship Gate.