Editorial - August of 2016

Editorial - August of 2016

August is going to its end.

It was a good season for us. We are regrouped, reorganized, we planned, we have new staff, we are moving on.

New offices. In Nea Eritrea.

New members in our groups, reorganized by sector.

We planned activities and events for 2016 and 2017.

We rearranged the "Year of China in Greece", with updated data and actions.

We developed the project "Development of Greece-China Friendship Gate" with new alliances and partnerships.

We are creating a website of information, entertainment, contacts, education, a meeting-point of the two cultures and nations.

Since 2008 our Gate is working hard to achieve practically the union of the people of the two nations at all levels, and we already begin to see the results of our efforts.

At this point we want you. Not only just like friends and spectators, but also to be participants. It is a huge and beautiful national purpose, where all, regardless of color, religion, political preference, have position and role. It's the people who's getting close and who's going to be united. The remaining matters are to be shared.

Autumn comes shortly. Will be a bit cool at last. It's the Greek and unique Automn. When the rest of the tourists will depart, our Chinese friends will still come, impressed by the blue Aegean and our sky, loving Greece from the first moment of their arrival. This is Greece which we are proud and love, which we want to highlight and promote. To connect with a culture equally valuable for world history and route. And onto this canvas of mutual appreciation, respect and friendship to build a common and bright future.

No, it is not an exaggeration. China's era is in front of us. It came. And we must be near China and by China. Because it is the time of the oldest civilizations of the world to return.

 Have a good Autumn.


Costas Christidis