BCMC-China - Chinese Diaspora in Greece

01/09/2016 17:38

The program “Building Cooperation with Migrant Communities: Creating Employment Opportunities and Internationalizing Greek entrepreneurship through the Chinese Diaspora in Greece(BCMC-China)” aims to create channels of communication and exchange of business practices between Greeks  and Chinese aiming to strengthen entrepreneurship in both countries and enhance better social integration of Chinese diaspora in Greece.

The recent years Greece has developed strong ties with China in commercial, social and cultural level. The Greece considers China as a growing economy and strong country and wishes to strengthen and develop ties in more areas of cooperation, something that can be achieved at an early stage through Chinese diaspora in Greece. The benefits of such cooperation may prove mutually beneficial, firstly because China can establish strong partnership in Europe through Greece having as a basis the commercial activities of the Chinese diaspora in Greece, thereby helping Greek entrepreneurs as to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in China.

In this context, the program BCMC-China was created as the first channel of communication at the local level in order to immediately boost both Greeks and Chinese entrepreneurs, but also young people future entrepreneurs who are interested in developing business opportunities in both countries. The idea of the program is to bring together Greek and Chinese living in Greece in order to develop communication and exchange ideas with the potential to create either a joint business idea or/and to explore and develop entrepreneurship opportunities offered in Greece and China in different business areas including imports and exports of Greek and Chinese products.

The initial aim of the programme is:

•   New business opening and/or expansion of existing businesses in the Chinese market.

•   The emergence of the dynamism of Chinese diaspora as a source of new ideas and innovation, by creating new economic networks with benefits for both Greece and China.

•   The creation of new jobs.

•   Strengthening cooperation between Greek and Chinese people in economic and social terms.

•   Dynamic integration of the Chinese diaspora in Greece.


The program will be delivered in five seminars, with the participation of distinguished speakers from Greece and China, including mentoring and further guidance during the programme and at a later stage with the creation of a joint business ideas and/or activities. The seminars include the following topics:

•       Seminar on the Greek and Chinese economies

•       Seminar on how to perform a complete export cycle

•       Seminar on how to enter the Chinese market

•       Proposal writing seminar

•       Team-building event

More Information @ : chinesemigrantsingreece.wordpress.com/