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2016 National Synchronized Swimming Championships held in C China

Wang Ciyue of Jiangsu performs during the 2016 National Synchronized Swimming Championships in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province, Sept. 24, 2016. [Editor: Fanhua] Watch more on: Guangming Online

Freestyle basketball show in China

No rules, no limitation, but only your imagination and creativity. Chinese basketball fans show off their freestyle skills. Don't miss this video. You might get some ideas for moves and combos that can add to your arsenal!

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China beat Serbia 3-1, Olympic gold medal for the third time

21/08/2016 14:32
Team China’s victory in the women’s volleyball final at the Rio Olympics has sent waves of joy across the country. The sport is often associated with national pride and represents a spirit of endurance that boosted China’s morale in the 1980s.  China beat Serbia 3-1 on Saturday local time,...

China takes both gold and silver in the men's 20km race walk

20/08/2016 06:10

Liu Hong wins women's 20km walk gold in Rio Olympics

20/08/2016 06:09

China makes new Olympic breakthroughs in field sports

17/08/2016 00:38

Peking Opera faces spotted on cycling athletes' helmets in Rio

13/08/2016 18:29

China snatches 4 medals in day 4 into Rio Olympics

10/08/2016 16:05

China beats Italy to book 1st win in Rio women's volleyball

08/08/2016 23:45

China's Sun Yang qualifies fastest for 200m freestyle final

08/08/2016 23:42

Chinese bed nets, cupping treatment hot among Rio athletes

08/08/2016 23:42

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