Our Team

Prefecture of Attica, Headquarters, Athens

12, Kerkyras str, Nea Erythrea, 14671

  • Costas Christidis, MSc Animal Production AUTh, Executive President and General Manager.
  • Stelios Mantzaris, President of the Hoteliers of Lemnos, Vice President.
  • George Skokeas, Member of the Board, Business Development.
  • Alexandra Pappa, Msc Chinese Literature and Language, Special Assistant.
  • Christina Alfieri, MSc Chinese Literature and Language, Special Assistant.
  • Linda Feng, BSc Chemistry, Interpreter, Special Assistant.
  • Costas Karampelas, BA Philosophy, Special Assistant of the Executive President.
  • Stavros Monemvasiotis, Journalist, BSc Political Sciences N.K.U.A., Organizing Consultant.
  • Elias Nombilakis, PhD, f. Assistant Professor of T.E.I. of Athens, Manager of the Cultural Department.
  • John Fatouros, Biomedical Engineer.
  • Brenda Wang, BSc Chinese Language and Literature, General Manager of the Chinese Department.
  • Spyros Kourtis, Doctor Cardiologist, Manager of the Health Department.
  • Sotiris Skouloudis, Journalist, P.R. Manager.
  • Penelope Kahtitsi, BSc in Chinese, Tourism Section
  • Irini Emoniotis, Journalist, Supervisor of the Primary Production Department.
  • Stamatina Markou, BA in Business Management, Journalist, Director of the Interconnections Office.
  • Dimitris Bitolas, Teacher of English to Chinese Universitiets, Assistant Manager of the Chinese Department.
  • Amy Duan, BSc in Tourism, Supervisor of the Tourism Department.
  • Alexandra Pappas, Teacher of Chinese Language, Supervisor of the Cultural Department
  • Elli Triantafillou, Journalist.
  • Emily Wu - Christidis, Special Assistant, Editor, Teacher of Chinese Language, Special Assistant of the Executive President.
  • Minas Athanassiou, Doctor Cardiologist, Member of the Health Department.
  • Antonis Pantelias, Civil Engineer D.U.Thr., Teacher of Martial Arts, Supervisor of the Sports Department.
  • Costas Tegopoulos, Marketing Manager, Manager of the Athen's Office.
  • Mina Papaioannou, Lauyer, Sp. in Immigration.
  • Stavros Gerontatis, Lawyer, Sp. in Immigration.
  • Takis Kliropoulos,, BA Econonics, Development Assistant.
  • Aris Loridas, Enterpreneur, Business Development, Assistant Manager.
  • Jenny Trikovits, Accountant. 
  • George Svoukas, Doctor Pathologist.
  • Georgia Milpanis, BSc in Shipping.


Prefecture of Central Macedonia, Central Office (Thessaloniki)

5, Ant. Nastou str., 542 48, Thessaloniki


  • George Eleftheriadis, Bussinessman., General Manager of Northern Greece.
  • Lazaros Paraskevaidis, Agricultural Engineer A.U.Th., Manager of Development of Northern Greece.
  • Panayiotis Kouyianos, Manager of Thessaloniki's Office.
  • Constantinos Vegiris,M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering & M.Sc. in Management Science.
  • Thanassis Pantelidis, Lawyer
  • Anna Tsantila, Notary Public.
  • Dimitris Pantelidis, BA Economics, Business Consultant.
  • Vassilis Sidiropoulos, Enterpreneur,, Real Estate Managment.
  • David Iannidis, Creative, Publishing.
  • Panagiotis Konsoulas, Tourism / Cultural Events.



Prefecture of Central Greece Office (Volos)

4, Kuma str., 41222 Larissa, Thessaly


  • Giannis Spanos.
  • Irine Aemoniotis, General Manager of Central Greece Office.
  • Dimitris Skretas, Assistant Manager.
  • Yiannis Vezakiadis, Enterpreneur.
  • Maria Vezakiadis.


Prefecture of Northern Aegean Office (Mytilini)

Mytilini, Charamida, 811 00, Northern Aegean


  • Nikos Tsimidopoulos, General Manager of Northern Aegean Office.
  • Dimitra Tsimidopoulos, Supervisor of Primary Production Department.


Prefecture of Crete Office (Chania)

1st Km New National Road, 731 00, Chania, Crete 


  • Nikos Skarakis, General Manager of the Crete Office.
  • Stelios Kottas
  • Nikos Arkolakis, Special Assistant of the Executive President.
Prefecture of South Aegean (Rodos)


  • Mrs. Maria Angelou, General Manager of South Aegean Office


Prefecture of Western Greece Office (Patras)

95, New National Road Patras-Athens, 264 42 Patras, Western Greece


  • Chrysanthi Kolokytha, General Manager of the Western Greece Office.
  • Maria Liakakis, Doctoral Candidate in Byzantine History, Assistant Manager of the Western Greece Office.
  • Athanassios Koustas.

People's Republic of China's Headquarters: Beijing


  • Mr. Feng Mantian, Consultant - Supervisor of the Presence of our Association in P.R. of China
  • Mr. Kevin Miao, CEO Meet Culture, General Manager of P.R. of China Offices. 


Central China Office (Wuhan)

Wuhan Plaza 4501, 688 Jiefang Ave, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China 430022


  • Dr. Wang Daoyi, General Manager of the Central China Office

Eastern China Office (Chengdu)


  • Kevin Miao, General Manager of Eastern China Office 

South China Office (Shenzhen)

14th Floor, Building C, Dong Yue Ming Xuan, Dongmen Middle Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong


  • Eley Yuan, Assistant Manager of South China Office


South China Office (Guangzhou)

194, Heyuan Hotel, Apt. 1106B, linhexiheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


  • Akis Paipetis, General Manager of the South China Office.
  • Daisy Don.


Germany Office (Karlsruhe)

Brauerstr. 53, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany 


  • Ms. Qing Bao, General Manager of our Office in Germany
France Office (Quimper)
13 avenue de Kerdrezec 29000 Quimper, France


  • Mrs Gwenola Lemoine, General Manager of our Office in France
Australia's Office and Representation (MOU)

21 Kippax Avenue Leumeah NSW 2560 Airds NSW 2560




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