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Check out Chinese fashion designer Taoray Wang's show

13/09/2016 00:04

BCMC-China - Chinese Diaspora in Greece

01/09/2016 17:38
The program “Building Cooperation with Migrant Communities: Creating Employment Opportunities and Internationalizing Greek entrepreneurship through the Chinese Diaspora in Greece(BCMC-China)” aims to create channels of communication and exchange of business practices between Greeks  and...

Concerts at Technopolis of Athens - WHY ATHENS

26/08/2016 00:46

Detours in Athens - WHY ATHENS

26/08/2016 00:44

8 things you didn’t know about the Acropolis - WHY ATHENS

26/08/2016 00:41

China beat Serbia 3-1, Olympic gold medal for the third time

21/08/2016 14:32
Team China’s victory in the women’s volleyball final at the Rio Olympics has sent waves of joy across the country. The sport is often associated with national pride and represents a spirit of endurance that boosted China’s morale in the 1980s.  China beat Serbia 3-1 on Saturday local time,...

Five-star hotel built in deep hole to complete in 2017

20/08/2016 15:05

China takes both gold and silver in the men's 20km race walk

20/08/2016 06:10

Liu Hong wins women's 20km walk gold in Rio Olympics

20/08/2016 06:09

World’s largest silk museum

19/08/2016 01:45
China National Silk Museum is home to the largest collection of silk textiles in the world. Although Hangzhou in China’s Zhejiang Province may be best known for West Lake, China National Silk Museum is not far behind. The museum, located at 73-1 Yuhuangshan Road, covers an area of 5 acres....

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